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We have distributed more than $130,000 of donated school supplies since opening our doors in December 2012.  Here’s what some of our donors have to say….

“On behalf of Wells Fargo Operations team – we highly recommend and continue to donate to the Company’s to Classrooms organization.   Their organization is a perfect fit for businesses that have excess supplies that can’t be used and office furniture that needs to be recycled.  During our recent renovations, we worked with our corporate properties group to virtually donate all the used furniture and equipment for our downtown location saving both our company from shipping the furniture and supplies to Minneapolis for disposal, while also benefiting the local schools.

We’ve notified partners in our building that this service is available so whenever we have excess supplies or new furniture arrivals, we now donate to C2C on a regular basis.   With future upgrades to facilities locally in Duluth, we’ll continue to remind and recommend these donations.  As an extra bonus, we also get great Thank You pictures from the classrooms that we display in our area.”
Mary Crain, Account Analysis Operations Manager, VP, TOG – Electronic and Commercial Services, Wells Fargo

“It has been my pleasure to work with the team at Companies to Classrooms for the past few years and I highly recommend supporting them to the highest amount possible.  In my current role as Plant Manager for Pro Print, I am tasked with both fiscal and environmental goals.  Companies to Classrooms (C2C) has been a terrific asset toward both.

We’re all familiar with the “3 Rs” of sustainability — Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  Recycling is very easy but Reusing can be  very difficult.  That’s where C2C has been instrumental for us — they accept just about anything and put it to reuse.  The ability to take a business’ excess and find a new home for it is a huge environmental win for us.

There are two key elements on the fiscal savings.  We generate lots of non-paper waste that would otherwise go into the dumpster.  Any materials we divert to C2C  are a direct savings on our garbage bill.  Second, and less obvious, are the operational savings from having a less-cluttered work area — both in the office and in operations.  Having C2C, we know that our excess is going to a new home and thus it makes it very easy to purge excess materials.

Overall, I offer the highest recommendation for both the business model of Companies to Classrooms as well as their staff.  It is an extremely well run operation that deserves tremendous support.”
Ben Fornear, Plant Manager Pro Print